Fresh Instrumentation and control Engineering Project ideas

Yesterday, i received a request saying could u please tell of any good innovative topics based on instrumentation to do my mini project.. through my visitors chat box. So to make my visitors happy i have prepared a huge list of Industrial automation projects which is evolving in instrumentation sector.

  1. Automatic control system for rubber industries
  2. Film roll cutter
  3. Energy meter with ukg monitor for textile industries
  4. Design of irrigation controller for garden
  5. Industrial security system
  6. Hairness tester
  7. Injection moulding machine controller
  8. Yarn weight monitor & analyzer
  9. Yarn lee strength measurement
  10. Yarn thickness and breakage controller
  11. Automatic drainage timer for compressors
  12. Black rice remover
  13. Industrial monitor
  14. Automatic powerloom controller
  15. Yarn thickness and breakage monitor
  16. Yarn breakage monitor
  17. Yarn thickness monitor
  18. Pneumafil controller
  19. Ring frame controller for textile industries
  20. Plant humidification for agricultural land
  21. Plant humidification for textile industries
  22. Proximity calibration unit
  23. Automation brick making machine
  24. Automation of dying industry
  25. Solar cell tester
If you need more details on the project, use the below comment box to contact me.
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