Temperature measurement using Thermistor:

In the before blog post I written about Thermistor and its types with the construction diagrams, now in this post let see how temperature measurement is made using Thermistor.

Initially, Thermistor is placed in the environment whose temperature is to be measured. Then, Thermistor is connected in a series simple circuit consisting of battery and micro-ammeter as shown below. Any change in temperature causes a change in resistance of Thermistor. Hence, corresponding change in circuit current. By directly calibrating micro ammeter interms of temperature, we can measure temperature.
 Temperature measurement using Thermistor


  1. Low cost
  2. Sensitivity is high
  3. Small in size.
  4. Good stability.
  5. High output signal.


  1. Non-linear output is seen.
  2. Not suitable for high temperature measurement.
  3. Requires external power supply.


  1. Used for measurement and control of temperature.
  2. Used for providing time delay.
  3. Used as temperature compensation element in electronic equipments.
  4. Used for measuring thermal conductivity of a medium.
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