Scope of Instrumentation and control Engineering

I was asked by one of my friend about the Instrumentation and control Engineering, what it deals with, and what the area covered and what is the Scope of Instrumentation and control Engineering???

I have strong belief in the field of instrumentation and control engineering, as it is a newly emerging Technology that has got its place in the market and industries, being an inter-disciplinary branch of engineering, is heading towards development of new & intelligent sensors, smart transducers, MEMS Technology, Blue tooth Technology. The automation systems in the production are rapidly being enhanced and the demand for highly skilled instrumentation engineers is on the rise. In the instrumentation systems manufacturing sector, the demand for well trained process control engineering graduates is always present.

Here is a answer from yahoo for your question, Is There Any Scope for Instrumentation and Control Engineering?

I am myself an Instrumentation Engineer.
The scope is very impressive. India doing very well inchemical industry & this industries have sizable automation.
Another field is paper industry which is also prominent in India.
There is very little work done on automationof automobiles, construction & other smaller industry. Banking & building management is another field where there is a large scope since very little work has been done.
However, the fastest going field is hospital automation & instrumentation in India currently.
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The companies in India that require instrumentation and control Engineers are as follows
  1. National Instruments
  2. ABB
  3. Larsen & Tourbo
  4. Robert Bosch
  5. Invensys
  6. GE
  7. Suzlon
  8. Apna Technologies
  9. Whirlybird
  10. ESSAR

I have written a brief post about these companies in this post Instrumentation Companies in India
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