Instrumentation Ebooks in PDF File

You can download all my ebook collections related to instrumentation and control engineering with the below available links.

Instrumentation ebooks

Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation (37 MB pdf)
Instrumentation Engineers Handbook (7.14 MB pdf)
Engineering Instruments and Meters (58.22 MB pdf)
Instrument Engineer's Handbook for DURCO Quarter-turn Control Valves (1.37 MB pdf)
Instrumentation Pocket Guide (12.68 MB rar)
Introduction to Instrumentation, Sensors, and Process Control (2.72 MB pdf)
Remote Instrumentation (96.24 KB pdf)
Applied Technology and Instrumentation for Process Control (5.77 MB rar)
Basic Instrumentation Measuring Devices And Basic PID Control (1.88 MB pdf)
Field Instrumentation Technical Handbook (332 KB pdf)
Measurement And Instrumentation Principles (2.89 MB rar)
4 Biggest Mistakes In Instrumentation And How to Avoid Them (154 KB pdf)
Instrument Symbol Identifiers (525.94 KB pdf) 

Orifice Meter Ebooks

The Orifice Meter and Gas Measurement (7.69 MB pdf)
Measurement of Gas and Liquids by Orifice Meter (12.37 MB pdf)
PACs : Understanding PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) in Industrial Automation (528 KB)
PlantWeb : Best Total Value (1.65 MB pdf)
Process Training Control System (740 KB ppt)
Process / Industrial Instruments And Controls Handbook (16.12 MB rar)
Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation (5.29 MB pdf)
Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Control (184 KB pdf)
Pressure and Temperature Handbook (76 KB pdf)
Pressure Measurement Handbook (817.39 KB pdf)
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Documentation Criteria (641.93 KB pdf)
Production and Measurement of High Vacuum (29.74 MB pdf)
Petroleum and Gas Field Processing (3.6 MB pdf) 

PLC ebooks

PLC Basics (4 MB pdf)
PLC Glossary (92 KB pdf)
PLC Laws (32 KB pdf)
PLC Primer (252 KB pdf)
DCS or PLC? (216 KB pdf)
Programmable Logic Controllers 4th Edition (2.63 MB pdf)
Programmable Logic Controllers And Ladder Logic (570 KB pdf)
Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation (5.29 MB pdf)
Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCs (10.75 MB pdf)
Introduction to PLC Programming and Implementation - from relay logic to PLC logic (1.33 MB pdf)
PLC - based Process Control Engineering Guide (5.46 MB pdf)


SCADA Primer (245 KB pdf)
SCADAless SCADA Using Wireless Mesh Radio Telemetry (45.05 KB pdf)
Terminology and Symbols in Control Engineering (321 KB pdf)
Theory and Practice of pH Measurement (1.74 MB pdf)
The Modern Revolution in Physics (5.29 MB pdf)
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