Instrumentation Fresh project ideas

I have collected a list of Instrumentation based Analog Projects (non-ieee) for the final year students.

  1. Automatic Speed Controller for Fans and Coolers
  2. Wireless Mobile phone charger
  3. Brake failure Indicator
  4. Moisture Control system
  5. Remote controlled Fan Regulator
  6. Wireless electric power transmitter
  7. Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver
  8. Antisleep Alarm with power saver for students
  9. Drinking water alarm
  10. Seismic Sensor
  11. Water purifier using reverse osmosis
  12. Power Generation using mini-windmill

 If you need abstract for the above topics, use the comments box to request.


Instrumentation Assistant Engineers Wanted

Hello readers, if you have just passed out and searching for a job related to instrumentation engineering and willing to work abroad, this post is for you.

Ably Resources are currently seeking an electrical or instrument assistant engineer for a staff role in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

Status: Staff
Required Skills/Experience: Instumentation, Electrical
Desired Skills/Experience: Instumentation, Electrical
Minimum Experience: 0 years
Location: Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM
Advert Published: 26 Apr 2012
Expiry date: 3 May 2012
Ably Resources Ltd Ref. No.: IAM52454
OilCareers Ref. No.: J716123
Work Permit Requirements: EUROPEAN UNION
(Applications will only be considered from people who are authorised to work in this location by being a national of that country or region, or by holding a valid work permit.)

Use the following link to apply for job


Job for an Instrumentation Engineer

Hello readers, this is post is for instrumentation and control engineers who have finished their course and searching a jobs. I will show you some of the best places to find instrumentation jobs in online.

Oil Careers
A best website to search jobs based on oil and gas sector, with more than 23 job categories you will be able to find a perfect job for your talent in your desired location. Register an account and upload your CV and select a perfect job.

Info Oil Careers
A site which contains more than 18,000 jobs related to instrumentation and control with region and country refinements option for searching jobs. This site receives 1200 new jobs post each week from its recruiters.

Automation Jobs
If you are searching for very specific jobs like R&D, supervision, Process Control and alike then this is site is best for you to start, because this site offer lots of filters not only job and regions but also for area of interest and expertise.

Times Jobs
Want a job in India as an Instrumentation engineer, use this site to search jobs because this site has got an option for searching jobs based on location in India.
Website :

Norton Bowers
A very simple looking site but has much effective and good recruiters in it. Give it a try, you will sure find interesting job opportunities from all over the world. Upload your CV and see the jobs.
Website :

Misco Jobs
This company publishes majority of positions worldwide in Mining, Petroleum and Oil, Gas, Construction and Environmental industries. It Provides you 20 Versions of Resumes for better job. Best place to try jobs for a fresher.
Website :

I will update this post whenever i find a good instrumentation jobs site. Comment me below.


Moving coil Type Velocity Transducer

Basic Principle of Moving coil Type Velocity Transducer

  1. A coil moves in a magnetic field according to the velocity applied.
  2. The voltage in the coil becomes a measure of the velocity when calibrated.

Description of Moving coil Type Velocity Transducer

  1. The instrument has permanent pole pieces which generate the magnetic field.
  2. There is a pivoted arm on which a coil is mounted.
  3. There is a mass attached to the end of the coil.
  4. The whole device is contained in an antimagnetic case.

Operation of Moving coil Type Velocity Transducer

  1. The velocity to be measured is applied to the arm.
  2. Due to this coil moves in the magnetic field.
  3. A voltage is generated on account of motion of the coil in the magnetic field.
  4. The output voltage is proportional to the velocity.

Advantages of Moving coil Type Velocity Transducer

  1. The antimagnetic case reduces the effects of stray magnetic field.
  2. Damping is obtained electrically.
  3. There is high stability under varying temperature conditions.

Applications of Moving coil Type Velocity Transducer

These transducers are used for measuring velocities in linear, sinusoidal or random manner.


Moving magnet type velocity Transducer

Basic principle of Moving magnet type velocity Transducer
When a permanent magnet moves inside a coil, the change in the length of the air gap varies the reluctance. Hence the output voltage is directly proportional to the rate of change of the length of the air gap (change in length produced by velocity). Thus the output voltage becomes a measure of the velocity when calibrated.

Description of Moving magnet type velocity Transducer

    Moving magnet type velocity Transducer
  1. The sensing element which is a rod is a permanent magnet.
  2. The rod is rigidly coupled to the device whose velocity is being measured.
  3. There is a coil surrounding the permanent magnet.
  4. The permanent magnet is movable, that is, it can move in and out of the coil.

Operation of Moving magnet type velocity Transducer

  1. The instrument is fixed to the device whose velocity is to measured.
  2. Due to the application of the velocity, the permanent magnet moves in or out of the coil. Due to its motion, the length of the air gap varies.
  3. The output voltage also varies due to the motion of the magnet and the amplitude of the voltage is directly proportional to velocity.
  4. The polarity of the output voltages determines the direction of the velocity.

Advantages of Moving magnet type velocity Transducer

  1. Its maintenance is negligible.
  2. The output voltage is linearly proportional to velocity.
  3. Cost of manufacture is less.

Disadvantages of Moving magnet type velocity Transducer

  1. Performance is affected by stray magnetic fields and hence noise is caused.
  2. Frequency response is poor.
Used as a velocity transducer to convert velocity to measureable voltage.


Instruments used to measure angular velocity

Angular velocity is measured using devices called tachometers.Tachometers are instruments that measure angular speed by registering anyone of the following

Number of rotations during the contact period (or)

  • Number of rotations per minute (rpm)
  • Tachometers are classified as follows:

Mechanical Tachometers

  1. Revolution counter and timer
  2. Tachoscope
  3. Hand speed indicator
  4. Slipping clutch tachometer
  5. Centrifugal force tachometer
  6. Vibration reed tachometer

Electrical tachometers

  • Drag cup tachometer
  • Commutated capacitor tachometer
  • Tachogenerators
  • DC – Tachogeneraor
  • AC – Tachogeneraor

Contact Less Electrical Tachometers

  1. Inductive pick up tachometer
  2. Stroboscope tachometer
  3. Photoelectric tachometer
  4. Capacitor tachometer


Devices used to measure dimensions

This post contains a small list of devices used in measuring dimension. They are ,

  1. Steel rules
  2. Vernier calipers
  3. Micrometers
  4. Dial gauge indicator
  5. Gauge blocks
  6. Optical methods (Microscopes, telescopes and optical flats with a monochromatic source of light)
  7. Pneumatic comparators.


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